Terms & Definitions

Radiology can be tricky and there might be some terms used that you're not familiar with.  We've listed terms below which are specific to Patient Portal, or used in a particular way in Patient Portal.



A 'study' is defined by visit and machine on the same day.  If you attend a Radiology clinic and have a set of X-rays, that's a single study.  If you have a set of X-rays and an ultrasound on the same day, that's 2 studies, as separate machines (x-ray and ultrasound) were used.


Patient ID

This is a unique patient identifier that the Radiology practice has assigned to identify you, at the time of your scan.  The same patient identifier will be used to identify you every time you return for additional scans.


Accession Number

Can also be referred to as RI (Request Identifier) Number or Study Code.  This is usually a combination of numbers and letters.  This number/code is a unique value which represents your scan done at that particular Radiology clinic.

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